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World of Naperville is 70,670 Visits Strong

covered-bridge-bwIn 2006, I started this “little blog that could” about a very focused topic… a small town within a larger city of 147,000 people which I am proud to call home.  As of today, the World of Naperville has received 70,670 visitors.

Naperville is the type of place which cannot be defined by one or two brush strokes, which is largely why I wanted to create a place where the Naperville story could be told via my own point-of-view.  The saying holds true that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover and Naperville is no exception.

True community wealth is not measured by the average median income… it is measured by it’s people and their commitment to support and invest themselves within the community and beyond.  By this measure, Naperville stands strong.