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Keeping Life in Perspective in a Challenging World of Immense Promise

dsc_0010On this day after the most historic election day we will ever see in this lifetime, which unfolded against a backdrop of crumbling economic well-being, I’ve been doing allot of thinking about the promise of life regardless of our circumstances.  Regardless of how you feel about our new President-Elect, I hope you will pause to bring into focus the limitless possibilities that surrounds us in our daily lives. 

I was listening to NPR on the long drive home this evening after a late afternoon Board meeting and was reminded of something extremely important… that is the notion that epic challenges in life create the opportunity for greatness.  I encourage everyone out there, especially those suffering life-altering financial and professional setbacks to keep everything in perspective in realizing that the end of one life chapter gives rise to the potential that something even greater is on the way.  You might even find that greatness has little or nothing to do with size of your house or balance in your bank account.  We truly succeed in life, not through an abundance of material wealth but rather through the promise of realizing our true meaning and purpose in life.

Personally, I’ve endured a number of major life-altering setbacks, tragedies and transitions in my life and I can report with great confidence that they were each personally transforming experiences in which I emerged from the darkness to discover newfound wisdom, confidence, perspective and understand.  The universal reality is that all that truly matters in our life is with us at all times, regardless of how much or how little we might have.  Living the truth of your life will set you free from the exhausting frustration of playing what you perceive to be your “role” as if you were an actor on your life’s stage.  

Let us make good use of these uncertain economic times and place our faith in ourselves and the extraordinary example set yesterday that possibilities in life and this great country of ours is limitless if we set our sights on the hope of tomorrow.  SM