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A special greetings to you from the World of Naperville.  I’ve been publishing this blog for a number of years and you are among the thousands of visitors who have browsed these pages.  While numbers are great, what I enjoy most is hearing and learning from you.

If you would like to contact me directly for any reason, please feel free to send me an email at or .

Best Regards,


Stuart Meyer, Publisher

World of Naperville

6 responses to “Contact Stuart

  1. Stuart, with each posting you are opening eyes, ears, minds and hearts. Keep up the great work. It is a honor to know your motivation is sound and strong. Kudos! Best thoughts, JD

  2. Stuart,
    Great Blog! We have been residents in Naperville since 1988 and we love this “city” too! We decided that Naperville was a great place to live, loads of activities and would be a great place to raise a family! Just the other day, our teenager said, “when I have kids, I want to live back in Naperville”. It moments like these it makes you realize as a parent, you have made some right decisions. Thank s Naperville! Gina

  3. Please call – 630-922-7480
    seeking a marketing consultant.

  4. Staurt You caught my attention last friday2-5-10 with regards to the blog thing. Seems like a lot to learn but I think I need to try. It sounds not only business savy but seems like a lot of fun and self rewarding by being helpfull to others at the same time.
    Thnaks again great presentation but could of used a paper handout.

  5. Great blog Stuart – as a huge fan of Naperville I enjoy reading your posts. Any chance I could do a guest post on your blog? Cheers

  6. Hi there,

    I know businesses are trying to cut costs during this pandemic. Hosting your website can seem expensive.

    Are you interested in paying less than you currently are?

    All the best,


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