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World of Naperville Expands Reach into Chicago Metro Audience as the Official Naperville Examiner on

I was recently approached by and offered the opportunity to become the first suburban Chicago examiner.  As the Naperville Examiner, my role is to write insights and perspectives into all things Naperville.  Not a far stretch from my current World of Naperville blog.

For anyone concerned about the future of the World of Naperville blog, rest your fears as I will continue to publish here as well.  In many ways, I will likely cross-purpose content from here to 

The benefit?  I now have the ability to present an insider perspective about our community to millions of examiner visitors.  Additionally, I am also able to cross-promote the World of Naperville as well.

I submitted my first posting last night (see above image) and my Chicago-based editor responded by saying she was ready to pack her bags and move to Naperville by the end of the posting.  If you would like to access the Naperville Examiner, click on the following link: