It’s Official, American Airlines has Flushed Away my AAdvantage Miles – What Airline Wants to Win my Loyalty?

To close the loop on my previous post, all of my AAdvantage miles have now officially been taken away by American Airlines based upon their imposed expiration.  The image below tells the story of my zero (0) mile balance as well as my  10 year history as a card-carrying AAdvantage Member.  So, to United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, U.S. Airways and other carriers out there… who’s ready to win my loyalty?


6 responses to “It’s Official, American Airlines has Flushed Away my AAdvantage Miles – What Airline Wants to Win my Loyalty?

  1. Hi Stuart,

    I was working on a post for my own blog and came across your post. I’m pretty fanatical about my miles and go through a lot of trouble to earn every last one of them. I feel for you. I’d be really upset if I lost that many miles.

    I thought I’d share some advice that might be helpful to you and to your readers.

    Something you might want to do is sign up for the American Airlines Reengagment Challenge. It’s an undocumented program that will allow you have your miles reinstated by paying a $30 fee and then flying one round-trip of 750 or more miles within 6 months of signing up.

    You can find out about it here in the FlyerTalk forums:

    The post was from 2010, but if you advance to the last post in that thread, you’ll see that it’s still being offered.

    And some advice for your readers that may also have some miles that are about to expire.

    To keep it from happening, you need to earn at least 1 mile, once, every 18 months. An easy and cheap way to do this is to register with the AAdvantage eShopping Mall (free):

    Then, click on the iTunes link on the AAdvantage Mall and purchase a song from iTunes (3 AAdvantage Miles for 99 cents):

    Or download and install the AAdvantage Search Toolbar:

    and perform 3 Yahoo! searches (you’ll earn 1 mile for every 3 Yahoo! searches).

    Anyway, good luck and I hope this helps.

  2. Hi AAdvantage Geek. Thanks for your response. I’m aware of the 18 month rule and still believe that American Airlines is taking away something I earned.

    By the way, I took a look at your web presence and must admit I’m finding it exceedingly hard to believe that you have no affiliation in any way, shape or form with American Airlines or another partner company or are not deriving any form of benefit or compensation whatsoever in exchange for being an astonishing billboard for the AAdvantage program.

    I’ve been blogging for six years and have met many many bloggers along the way and the only ones going to the lengths you are going do it because they are compensated in some way.

    Should this be the case and you are misrepresenting yourself as having no affiliation whatsoever to American Airlines, including partner companies, OR if you do and are not disclosing such, you might want to brush up the FTC rules for testimonial advertising and misrepresentation. Could be a slippery slope for you my friend. Blog carefully.

  3. Hi Stuart,

    I’m not affiliated with American or anyone. I travel a lot for business (mostly on AA) and have always been pretty fanatical about tracking down the latest AAdvantage offers. Friends teased me about being an AAdvantage Geek and on a bet, I started the blog.

    I don’t write much commentary about American’s business strategies or industry trends, there are many people that do a much better job than I ever could, I’m pretty much just about the miles.

    I’m a big fan of AAdvantage, and often times a fan of American, though sometimes I’m just a disgruntled American passenger, but I try to keep the tone of the blog positive and to focus on earning, using (and sometimes winning) AAdvantage Miles, and if I sometimes come across as a fanboy, it’s probably for that reason.

    It’s really no different than your own blog. You’re an unpaid advocate for your community and you like to share with others all the reasons that Naperville is a great place to live.

    The only reason I do it is because it’s been fun. If I did it for money, it would just be a job, and I’ve already got one. The day that it’s no longer any fun, will be the day I quit.

    Aside from watching my blog grow, much of the fun has come from meeting other bloggers. The only reason I left the note was because I empathized with your situation.

    As for the FTC requirements, thanks for the info. If I ever decide to have an affiliation with American or one of their partners, or to accept compensation, gifts, or any benefits, I’ll be sure to disclose it. I’ll assume you were trying to be genuinely helpful with your suggestion rather than trying to imply anything otherwise.


    • Thanks for the follow-up. I’ll take you at your word and in that case I think what you’re doing is pretty cool. As a former CMO myself, I’ll bet American Airlines and the AAdvantage staff couldn’t be more thrilled to have someone like you out there.

      Fly safe!

  4. You only had two choices in Chicago. Now… one United.

  5. You are upset about 170,000 miles? They took my 2,000,000 miles because they said I was attempting to sell them, not that I sold them. I have not been able to find a lawyer to try to get them back. Any ideas?

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