Congratulations to Steffany and Fed

Last weekend, my family and I were in Long Island, NY to celebrate the wedding of my sister-in-law.  I’ve attended quite a few weddings in my lifetime, but I must say this particular wedding was as special and unique as the bride and groom themselves.

From vintage centerpieces hand-constructed of actual movie reels still containing their feature films to the Heavy Metal room where Fed and his band mates could feel right at home to the total of 8 cakes, each with their own special cake topper reflecting the couple.

Their story is one which truly transcends the meaning of love, family and fate… almost a movie storyline in itself.  Congratulations to you both Steffany and Fed and here’s to a beautiful new twist in your life’s road.  See you in November once again, when we join together to celebrate NAPERVILLE THANKSGIVING 2010!


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