Fresh and Affordable Sushi in Naperville in an Unexpected Place

Today was an ominous day as the pearly white occupants of my mouth were driven to their annual check-up at Wheatland Dental.  After all the scraping, buzzing, suctioning, gum-ripping x-ray mouthpieces and an extra power-scrub courtesy of the Cavitron, I felt it my obligation to reward my teeth to a nice soothing lunch.

Sushi was the first thing that entered my mind, but I often find it hard to shell out the serious dollars for a sushi lunch.  Suddenly, I realized that I was next door to one of my favorite affordable sushi joints that may seem unexpected to some…  Caputo’s Italian Market .  For less than $10, you can choose from an array of fresh daily made sushi trays, which you can actually see being handcrafted in the deli department by professionals.  Today I went for a red chili spicy salmon sushi roll, which consisted of 8 pieces with beautiful slices of salmon sitting atop each piece… all for $8.99… and it tasted every bit as good as some of the higher end sushi restaurants in town.  All the delicious indulgence without the guilt-ridden check at the end of the meal.


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