Monthly Archives: August 2010

Fresh and Affordable Sushi in Naperville in an Unexpected Place

Today was an ominous day as the pearly white occupants of my mouth were driven to their annual check-up at Wheatland Dental.  After all the scraping, buzzing, suctioning, gum-ripping x-ray mouthpieces and an extra power-scrub courtesy of the Cavitron, I felt it my obligation to reward my teeth to a nice soothing lunch.

Sushi was the first thing that entered my mind, but I often find it hard to shell out the serious dollars for a sushi lunch.  Suddenly, I realized that I was next door to one of my favorite affordable sushi joints that may seem unexpected to some…  Caputo’s Italian Market .  For less than $10, you can choose from an array of fresh daily made sushi trays, which you can actually see being handcrafted in the deli department by professionals.  Today I went for a red chili spicy salmon sushi roll, which consisted of 8 pieces with beautiful slices of salmon sitting atop each piece… all for $8.99… and it tasted every bit as good as some of the higher end sushi restaurants in town.  All the delicious indulgence without the guilt-ridden check at the end of the meal.

Ribfest Documentary in Production

To my regular readers as well as new visitors who may have seen my new column in the Naperville Glancer magazine, you may have noticed some time has passed since my last post.

Since mid-June I’ve been at work on a special behind-the-scenes documentary film about the Naperville Exchange Club’s Ribfest. The film will not only show you the immense amount of planning and effort that goes into this event, but also provide you with an all-access pass to join alongside the volunteers, ribbers, artists, production crews and others who make Ribfest a world-class event.

At the center of it all is an inside look at some of the not-for-profit service agencies which benefit from the festival’s net proceeds and primary mission to prevent domestic violence and child abuse.

Stay tuned as we continue through the last phases of production and through post-production.