Monthly Archives: May 2010

Are You Having Fun Yet?

The word “fun” is an interesting one indeed.  The concept of “fun” to most summons thoughts of recreation, pastime, hobbies, interests and ultimately… happiness.  “Fun” is often headquartered in our personal lives outside the pressures of work and income-earning survivalism.  But I implore you to consider, in the “flash” of life we have on this earth why is it that most do not extend fun to their entire life purpose and pursuit rather than limiting it to the few lucid semi-energetic moments we have between work and sleep?

I once heard someone remark that work isn’t supposed to be fun, that’s why you get paid.  My translation of this sentiment is somewhere along the way this person allowed their dreams to slip away and drift off toward the endless horizon.  I asked my five year-old son the other morning what he wanted to be when he grew and without pause, he remarked in complete conviction that he wanted to be Superman.

How sad is our constrictive societal mold that we reach an age that we lose our dream of being Superman and relinquish control of our hopes and aspirations to the expectations of others and demands of the people who sign our paychecks.  Even worse, are you among the many that subscribe to the belief that you are postponing your fun for now until retirement with no knowledge or guarantee of what lies beyond today.

I’m writing to say that the concept of “fun” should be a pre-requisite to the decisions you make in your life.  Instead of living in the mindset that if you make allot of money you can afford to have fun, why not consider the thought that if you are having fun doing what you love with your life, money might become significantly less important.

While the road I’ve traveled over the last year and the next stretch I’m currently constructing toward my future is a testament that you can build a meaningful and fulfilling life having an awful lot of fun, don’t take my word for it.  There once was a man who decided that the requirement for the endeavors he undertook in his life was that it had to be fun.  As a matter of fact, regardless of the financial implications and possibilities, this man wouldn’t commit himself to a project or business pursuit unless it was fun.  For this individual, there were plenty of failures, emotional strain and times of doubt, yet there were also many groundbreaking achievements that produced a level of success that took him from mere mortal to iconic status.  Despite his death in 1966, both his fun and vision lived on to become an expanding reality in our world and even today there are few in the world that don’t know his name… Walt Disney.   SM

(Note: To learn more about the life, vision and imagination of Walt Disney, I recommend Neal Gabler’s intensive and award-winning biography on Walt Disney, entitled, “Walt Disney – The Triumph of the American Imagination”.)