Keeping Your Life in Perspective and Your Purpose in Focus

DSC_0099Two months ago I set out on a new path in life at a time when many thought it a bit crazy to leave a secure well-paying job for the uncertainty of launching out on my own in this economy. 

 To me, it was about the most sane and rational step I could take as this transition is nowhere near haphazard.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been preparing for this change my entire life.  The voice of my inner purpose could no longer be ignored and I arrived at a place where I had become confident in my life’s intentions.

Will I manage to achieve the same level of income in my new venture as I did when I was working as a salaried employee in my previous professional roles?  Quite simply put, the answer is it doesn’t really matter.  “Really”… you ask?  Consider the following. 

First, when you are following your heart and living the life that you were meant to live, money becomes far less important.  It doesn’t mean you don’t need money to live and support your family, but rather it means that you find yourself needing less money than you may have once desired.  Why you ask?  It’s because when you are focusing on the life path you always wanted to travel, you find that many of the things that you once thought you “wanted” or even convinced yourself you “needed” have become irrelevant.

My belief is we often use the material side of wealth to subconsciously compensate ourselves for the substance and meaning which is missing from our lives.  The greater the void, the more we require to “offset” the feelings of being on the wrong path.  In other words, you may not be living the life you feel you were meant to lead, but the comfort of wealth and luxury becomes the deceptive consolation.  But the question is whether or not the emptiness created by not living a uniquely fulfilled life is a void which can be filled by anything other than the pursuit of your truest form of personal fulfillment… not “one day down the road when you retire”, but today.

Secondly, we have a far better chance of living a balanced and comfortable financial life when we are in alignment with our true strengths, talents and passions.  We struggle less and enjoy more of our human journey through our seemingly inexhaustable passion.   This is what I call “purposeful wealth” , which is when monetary reward becomes the by-product of our unique purpose rather than the primary motivation of our life.

If financial health is your singular focus in life, you cannot turn your back on your physical, emotional and familial health as well.   I don’t believe that life falls on hard times because our bank accounts dwindle, but more importantly because somewhere along the way we turned off that internal voice within that was trying to lead us in the right direction.   The good news is its never too late.   

For now, I leave you with my own mantra and personal mission which has fueled my life journey.  The first being monetary wealth is merely a measure of survival, not of purpose and the mission being to life the truth of my purpose in service of others.  Where will you begin?  SM   


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