Naperville Photo of the Week – The Amazing Shrinking Millenium Carillon

Naperville_Different Than They AppearHere’s a Naperville image I captured that proves that things are not always quite as they may seem.  There resides an excellent moral to this photo of a Riverwalk lamp post which appears to tower over the Millennium Carillon at Rotary Hill.

In life, sometimes things are not always as they appear.   As a matter of fact, many situations in life are quite different than the assumptions we draw at first glance.

I am reminded of a favorite story I once heard that reinforces this very lesson.  There was a man who was relaxing by a pool during a much needed vacation in Florida.  He turned his chair away from the pool to enhance his relaxation.  All of a sudden, he heard someone jump in the pool, leaving a big splash in their wake which sent pool water flying up onto the man.  After entering the water, there could be heard playful thrashing all around which continued to splash water upon the man.  At first, he tried to forget what was going on behind him but soon it was unbearable.  Angry from the relaxation this apparent horseplay was robbing from his vacation, he arose from his pool lounge chair and turned around to the confront the inconsiderate trouble-maker.  However, when he turned around, much to his shock he saw that the person he thought was being disrespectful was actually drowning.

A very different reality.  When it comes to Naperville, it’s important for us all to not judge the proverbial “book” by its “cover” no more than we want those who live outside of Naperville judging us just because we live in Naperville. 

Sometimes, the slighest shift of perspective can make your world look very different.  If a difficult situation or person in life is weighing heavily on you, why not reach out and engage the problem or the individual head on to determine the actual truth.  You just might discover that the whole situation was not quite as it appeared.  It just might change your life.  SM 


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