The Secret to Happiness is…

Robin Williams as Teddy RooseveltIn taking advantage of some much needed family time today, we headed over to Naperville’s Kerasotes Showplace Theaters to catch the new Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian  whose trailer my boys have been emulating for weeks now.  I must confess, we didn’t see the first installment of Night at the Museum, but somehow I was sure we would catch up.

I expected a laugh-sprinkled good time leaving us thinking about what would happen if the same thing happened during our next trip to the Field Museum in Chicago.  Something I didn’t expect was a great life message to be delivered within the story. 

Within the first couple of scenes, Robin Williams potrayal of Teddy Roosevelt led to a moment in which he was about to share the secret of happiness to the crackberry-distracted Ben Stiller character, Larry.  The moment was lost and William’s Roosevelt turned back into the wax museum sculpture.  Somehow, I think we all knew that we would receive the answer by the end of the film.

Stiller’s character is a former museum security guard who had made it big as an inventor of such transformative products as the “glow-in-the-dark” flashlight.  Larry seemed distracted and annoyed in his new life since leaving his post as a security guard… a job in which he took great pride.

By the end of the film, we are re-visited by Roosevelt who appropriately completes the statement he started by saying the secret to happiness is doing what you love. 

The secret to happiness is doing what you love. 

How timely to utilize an escapist comedy to deliver what I believe is an important message to all who are struggling through the stresses of life and trying to better define happiness in these uncertain times.

Are you doing what you love most in life?  Are you living your life purpose?  

I encourage you to imagine how it might feel and the effect it might have on those around you if you were to once and for all begin the journey of your dreams in doing what you love most in life.


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