“Check Please” Naperville – A Review of Pizza Fusion

pizza-fusionI’m sitting here watching what has been one of my favorite shows dating back to my years living in Chicago… WTTW’s “Check Please“.  As suburbanites, we are usually on the receiving end of the joke when it comes to foodie oratory about their favorite haute haunts.  However, I was very proud to see that one of our trademark “Downtown Naperville Welcomes You” signs has made it’s way into the opening sequence of the show.  We’ve officially arrived on the Chicagoland map as a dining destination!  Of course, we Napervillians have known this for a while now. 

Speaking of dining in Naperville, after finishing a late evening baseball practice the other night, we grabbed the family of one of my son’s teammates and headed over to the recently opened Pizza Fusion at the new Whole Foods shopping center at 75th Street near Rt. 59.  We were all feeling a little crazy with hunger and looked forward to some nice post-practice pizza.  Even more, I’m always on the hunt for new types of pizza.

One only needs to see the reserved parking spaces for energy efficient cars to get the hint that Pizza Fusion is all about organic earth friendly food.  Feeling very environmentally aware, our starving caravan streamed through the front door to discover a wonderful aroma amidst the combination of a no frills pizza shop matched by a bar and small dining room.  You can peer right back into the kitchen to see a rather interesting rounded spinning pizza oven.

There is definitely a commitment to organic ingredients ranging from the pizza to the organic brews.  Despite a host of appetizer and salad offerings, this place is about the main event… Pizza!

The thin-crust pies come in an indivdiual (4 oblong pieces) and a large torpedo shaped pizza.  Ingredients range from the usual suspects which will make the kids happy to a little more refined toppings, such as goat cheese and sun-dried tomatos.  Crusts include white, whole-wheat and gluten-free offerings.  Prices for pizzas range from $7 – $18 

I’ll have to say the prices are pushing the envelope just a little for what Pizza Fusion offers.  I was worried the pizzas would be thin and skimpy, thus leaving the natives wanting more.  However, the combination of rich flavors more than made up for their misleading appearance.  The sauce was fresh and sweet combined with a delicous blend of mozzarella and provolone cheeses. 

You are definitely paying for higher quality ingredients; however, if you are looking to fill lots of hungry bellys with pizza on a budget, perhaps you might want to steer your energy efficient vehicle to the always scorching hot-and-ready oven simmered lower grade pizza joints around town.  Of course, don’t forget to pick up some antacids on your way there.   

As for me, I was very satisfied that Naperville now has another excellent pizza option which transcends the standard Chicago thin and deep dish.  If you are craving delicious pizza with environmental purpose, head on over to Pizza Fusion for a new experience.  They are located on W. 75th St. and Beebe Dr. just 1 block east of Route 59.  SM


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