Monthly Archives: March 2009

Discovering the True Meaning of “Wealth” in Your Life

reno-windowOver the past couple of months, I’ve written a number of postings about life purpose and looking toward challenging times in life as opportunities (see all of my Life Purpose category postings).

The economic downturn has provided ample opportunity for us all to reflect upon life’s true meaning in finally getting that little push that we often need in life to move out of our complacent zone.  Even more, we have also witnessed the results of our country’s destructive obsession with financial and material wealth.

The good news is there’s always an abundance “wealth” within our reach at all times, yet we often overlook.  A type of wealth that can exceed our greatest expectations in terms of the love and happiness it can bring.  This wealth I speak of is the unique love, purpose and potential which resides within us all.  A place where our true strengths and passion in life are placed at centerstage in the service of others.

Live well my friends!  SM

Greetings from Reno… Can I Please Come Home Now?

reno_mountains-iiJust a quick hello as I sit here in the airport in Reno, NV hoping the weather will break so I can head home after a weeklong conference.  It’s been a busy three weeks which might explain the lack of postings. 

Nonetheless, I’m pleased to report that I have emerged from the casino hotel which I have not left since last Monday and am on my way home. SM