Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Downtown Naperville Taste of Spring in February and Sugar Monkey Cupcakes

How wonderful was the weather this weekend?  With the sun shining and the temperatures far more humane than the sub-zero weather we’ve endured since December, my family and I  decided to head for the Riverwalk on Saturday.

Ironically, this was not an original idea for the masses.  As we drove into downtown, had I not known it was February I would have thought it was May judging the crowds on foot, jacket-less and even a few pairs of shorts to be seen.  We had a great time walking down the Riverwalk a bit, marveling at the ice shell on the DuPage River which actually had rushing water running beneath its thin shell.

My four year-old accidentally lost his partially eaten apple to the rushing waters.  Somewhere down along the river there is a happy animal still reveling in his big find of a shiny lightly chomped red apple. 

sugar-monkeyWe walked through downtown, taking the usual stroll by Naper Nuts and Sweets to inhale the intoxicating aroma of caramel corn and we even discovered an exciting new independent cupcake shop, called Sugar Monkey Cupcakes , open on Chicago Avenue.  I was in hopes I would be able to report on the decadent confections in this new bakery-grade space, but they had pretty much sold out their daily stock by the time we arrived.  The nice clerk apologized saying they made their cupcakes fresh daily and when they were sold out, they were really sold out.  Not be deterred, I can appreciate their commitment to freshness and quality, thus I look forward to another trip downtown to try what I hope will be one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted.

As the afternoon wore on, we dropped by Anderson’s Bookshop for a quick browse only to discover a book signing taking place.  I was not familiar with the author, but I’m constantly amazed by the sheer number of book signings this wonderful indepedent book shop attracts. 

After Anderson’s we decided to take in an early dinner about 5;30 PM at Lou Malnati’s Pizza for one of our favorite pies in town. By the time we left, the place was packed and people were happy to be out.

It was almost like a Spring day… well almost… for February.  SM