A Story of Survival in -20 Degree Air Temperature in Naperville

racoonWhen the weather dipped into the realm of unthinkable air temperatures last week here in Naperville, it was easy to notice how quickly the hands would freeze, how the icy cold air would made it difficult to breath and how the whole world seemed frozen in suspended animation.

But when to our surprise this little guy showed up staring in our kitchen window while standing atop our deck railing, we all suddenly counted our blessings for the nice heated home we live in.  The racoon had this look in his eyes as though he was certain we were just going to open the door and welcome him in for a hot meal.   It’s as if he was sporting the most downtrodden expression on his face he could muster, reminiscent of the movie “Over the Hedge”.  He just watched us as we moved around the kitchen. 

Of course, this wasn’t a movie and we used the visit as a lesson to the boys to stay far away from wild animals no matter how cute or considerable their animated movie “star power” happens to be.   Nonetheless, I’m pleased to report the racoon has been spotted since the arctic weather ended and is still alive and kicking.  Now if we can just get him to move out from underneath the deck.  SM


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