Announcing Facebook Group for “Imprévu – The Kenneth von Heidecke Story”

kvh_facebook-groupI realized how the World of Naperville has been suffering lately by all of the competing demands.  The moment actually came when my wife’s Aunt from the DC-area was at our home to celebrate Thanksgiving and she made the observation that I haven’t been posting as often.

My sincerest apoligies to everyone as I have really been immersing myself deeply in the film project between shoots and recording sessions for the score.  The good news is I’ve created a special Facebook Group as an interactive behind-the-scenes look at the production side of the film.  In addition to tracking progress, you can interact with me directly through any thoughts, comments or questions you would like to post.  Though I’ve only been up a couple of days, that membership continues to grow.

If you would like to join, visit:

Otherwise, stay tuned to the World of Naperville as I’m on my way back now that we are moving into a quieter December.  SM


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