Principal Photography Moves to Naperville for Kenneth von Heidecke Documentary Film

Having completed film shoots in Highland Park and Skokie over the past couple of weeks, production moved this week back to Naperville to begin the first of mutilple shoots involving four principal ballet dancers who will play a central role in the blended storyline for this film.  While I don’t want to reveal too much about their connection to the story, I will say that audiences will be invited into the lives of these talented ballet dancers to learn more about their significant commonality.  To Sarah, Stephanie, Ashley and Teanna, I thank you again for opening up your lives to this project. 

In additional news, as you may have noticed, a moment of inspiration found me within the past week and the film title revealed itself.  Imprévu is French for “unexpected”.  As many of you may know, the language of classical ballet is French.  Unexpected is definitely a word I would use to describe Ken’s life.

Through trial, triumph and tragedy, Kenneth von Heidecke’s story supports the very notion that everything in life just might happen for a reason.  Whether you love ballet or not, this film will serve as an inspiration to anyone who has pursued a lifelong dream only to watch it tragically disappear in a heartbeat.  Out of dark despair arises the discovery and realization of a greater unexpected purpose in life.

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