Seize Your Future, Your Purpose and Your True Potential in Life

Don’t let the effect of your past be the cause of your future. 

Like so many others, I’ve been reflecting allot over the past week about the state of our economy, the “cause” and the “effect”.  So often in our uniquely American lives, we attempt to give the illusion of living our dreams regardless of our means.  Even more, whether it be financial collapse or personal crisis, we often spend an overwhelming majority of our lives blaming the loss of our future on the mistakes and negative experiences of the past.

When we think about what we are capable of creating and contributing to this world, the principle of “cause and effect” comes into play.  Our self-perceived limitations can become the “cause” which yields an ongoing “effect” of lost potential, opportunities and purpose. 

However, imagine a life where you can wipe the slate clean and start anew building the life in which you live your purpose and realize your full potential.  It is indeed possible because, regardless of your circumstances, each day presents a new opportunity.  The stock market isn’t responisble, our jobs aren’t responsible, other people aren’t to blame as it is up to you to determine your own future. 

Happiness is a feeling and an emotion which manifests internally within our heart and mind, not as a result of the distractive trappings of our external life.  We have a choice, life is short and we all have natural gifts to share.  Never forget that the best things in life truly are free as our unique talents and natural passion in life cannot be bought.  Success is not the result of other people, things or even money, but rather thoughts in our minds which utimately lead to actions which create our future.  Define the measures of your own success and happiness in life and stop worrying about everything else that truly doesn’t matter.  

Again, don’t let the effect of your past be the cause of your future.  SM


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