Airport Reflections After Spending Week in Minneapolis

It’s been a very busy seven days as my work has taken me to the Twin Cities.  I’m presently sitting in the Minneapolis airport food court basking in the glow of an airport who has finally realized that the volume of available electrical outlets should meet the volume of laptop computers being carried through our nation’s airports these days. 

The Minneapolis airport food court includes multiple long counters with electical outlets as far as the eye could see.  Seriously, as I approached this area with a little time to kill, it was as if I was seeing a mirage… a imaginary oasis of cascading power amidst a dry dessert of dead laptop batteries. 

Business travelers who regularly depart from O’Hare know what I’m talking about.  Finding an electrical outlet is a constant scavenger hunt of frustration.  At each gate, I’m contstantly searching behind every column and row of seats for those elusive outlets.  Raise your hand if you’ve had this experience… you find an outlet, excitedly pull your laptop from your briefcase, power up only to learn that the outlet is clearly a prop… no juicy AC current whatsoever… a cruel facade likely set up as a sinister joke by those whose employment lives keeps them contained in the constant waves of travelers moving through the concourses of O’Hare.

All jokes aside, I would like to publicly state that I admire and appreciate all whose days are spent providing service to stressed and frantic travelers at our nation’s airports. 

Anyway, I’m on my way back to Naperville and I’m look forward to getting home to the family and our community.  SM 



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