Live Your Purpose… Today!

I’ve been reflecting upon the courses we set in our lives a great deal lately. I remain constantly amazed by the immense pressure which is placed upon us so early in life to choose a path, long before we have any concept of what unique path is best for us as individuals.

As we move forward in life, the complexity and responsibilities begin to snowball to a point where our mission in life often falls off course from our true purpose and shifts to simply suriving each day with enough energy to make it through in satisfying the expectations of everyone around us.  Worse off, daily survival can be exacerbated should you find yourself on the wrong path to begin with in life.  

In reflecting upon my own life, I’ll be the first to confess it’s been a far from perfect journey; however, the one contant has always been the quest to understand and live my own purpose, based upon the unique gifts and talents I have been so humbly granted in life.  You, too, have unique gifts and talents which have been granted to you in your own life.  It’s our responsibility in life to become students of our own purpose so that we can grow to become teachers in putting our purpose into practice through action.

When I say “purpose”, I’m not talking about the external pressure prescribed by society suggesting the benevolent life is simply following the example of others and engaging in generalized activites which serves to benefit the good of society.  I’m talking about something far more exicting in finding ways to translate your passionate interests into purpose served for the benefit of others.  Even the fantasy-loving football junkie can convert that passion to purpose by going out and coaching a little league football team.  The important thing to remember is that when we inspire others, we ourselves become inspired.

Living your purpose is something you can do each and every day with as little or as much time as you have.  Even more, you don’t have to be operating on a grand scale to live your purpose and contribute your talents to your community.  Quite often, the easiest act of purpose is to find a way to put your talents out into the world.  For instance, I’m taking these strong life principles about purpose, which I possess deep within my soul and am offering this posting to the world… not necessarily in the hopes that thousands will read it, but more realistically hopeful that I might be able to reach at least one person to provide that tiny spark of encouragement which can propel us to great accomplishments in life.

So with that said, I challenge you to ask yourself the question, “what is my true driving purpose in life and what can I do today to offer up my purpose to some tiny portion of my world”.  Maybe the first step is to share with the World of Naperville what you feel your life purpose is through the posting of a comment below.  SM      


One response to “Live Your Purpose… Today!

  1. Having just read your review of Gavin DeGraw’s Naperville concert, this blog on living your purpose really nailed the feeling I have had from watching DeGraw’s ascent in success as an artist, especially since I grew up near his hometown. This area has sorely needed a success story like DeGraw’s to elevate the dreams of its youth. After leaving the area, I spent years taking tangents until I finally came to a realization of my own purpose in life in a similar fashion. I believe that, as you say, we all need to keep the concept of living up to your abilities alive in our hearts, in order to pass it on to our own children. Here’s to a purposeful life!

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