Naperville’s ThinkingGlobal Arts Foundation to Present ‘Celebration of Peace 2008’ on September 15 – October 29th

Martin Luther King III, Robert Thurman and a Special Film Festival Among the Highlights

Naperville is truly blessed to count among its residents a number of inpiring organizations seeking to promote and celebrate cultural understanding and appreciation within our community.  The ThinkingGlobal Arts Foundation is a shining example.  Among their many beliefs is that every good thing starts with a dream.

For the second year in a row, the ThinkingGlobal Arts Foundation will bring their dream of promoting peace and understanding within our community through their Celebration of Peace 2008.  The goal of the Celebration is to educate and inspire residents to embrace Peace in their daily lives through personal reflection, service, reconciliation and environmental awareness.

I believe the ultimate measure of any community is the investment of involvement by it’s people.  In the end, it’s not what we get in life… it’s what we are able to give which matters the most.  Communities are made rich not by the level of material success, but by the wealth of culture and diversity which affords us the opportunity to achieve a greater level of enlightened peace and understanding within our own lives.  Money is not what makes the world turn round, rather it is the love and appreciation we have for ourselves and others that matters most.  After all, when we delve beneath the surface of our cultural differences  we discover the commonality we all share as human beings… leaving “culture” not as something foreign but as yet another rich expression of the human experience.   

To learn more, visit ThinkingGlobal Arts Foundation or take a look at the Schedule of Events for the Celebration of Peace 2008SM


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