World of Naperville YouTube Debut of “Pokemon House Pick-Up?” – A Stop-Action Video Animation Short Film by My Son

A couple of days ago, my seven year-old, Jake, asked if he could watch TV.  Now as most parents out there at this point in the summer will relate, we are all trying to keep our kids mind’s sharp.  Thus, I told him to use his mind and do something creative.  With his insistence, I’ve posted the result on YouTube; however, I welcome each of you to the official World of Naperville Premiere below.

Click Here if you cannot access the embedded video above.

Set Designer – Jake;  Assistant Set Design Assistants – Ben and Wendy;  Set Design Consultant – Stuart;  Storyline – Jake and Stuart;  Animation Artist – Jake;  Photography, Video & Editing – Stuart; Partial Set Demolition – Ben (younger brother).

If anyone is wondering, the film consists of a sequence of 96 still photographs taken with a Nikon D40x digital camera and transferred to video for final editing.


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