These fleeting days of summer and childhood

As I sit on the couch this evening safely entombed in air conditioned bliss away from the cadence of cicadas and silent assault of those winged blood-sucking buggy wonders, my thoughts have turned to the reality that August has arrived and yet another summer is amazingly starting to wind down.  In the mailbox today was our subdivision’s newsletter and the front page news is already talking about inevitable pool closing for the season which will take place within mere weeks.   

Like most summers, we once again approached the season with great optimism at all the things we would do as a family together.  The boys are growing rapidly and seizing greater independence.  In terms of pool time, my oldest is already preferring to wander off and play pool basketball with other kids.  It seems like yesterday that we were bunkered down with our newest baby who is now four years-old and I was just teaching my oldest to ride his first bicycle. 

As a father, I try to observe my little guys as closely as possible carefully recording these moments in my mind… the facial expressions, the way they pronounce their words, the inventive things they say, the simple pleasures of summer they take such great joy in, the manner in which they process the world, the many questions they ask all the time knowing that by the time next summer arrives these moments will live on in the memories we have of these fleeting days of summer and our children’s lives.

I will always feel a slight sadness for all the time I spend on the road driving back-and-forth from work knowing I’ve lost yet another opportunity to get to the pool, the zoo, the park or just running around in the backyard.  Though, I always make the best of the time I have and, as you might suspect, snap plenty of pictures that capture their personality which will forever serve as documentation of these precious days. 

To everyone out there who might relate to these sentiments, I’ve made a conscious effort to share them today, on August 1st, so we can all think closely about making the absolute most out of these final weeks of summer before the pools close, the days become crisp and the kids head back to school.  SM


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