Dark Knight double-take…Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent vs. Real World Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway

As I settled in to enjoy the Dark Knight in a darkened Naperville theater a couple of weeks ago, I had to do a double-take as the character of Harvey Dent appeared on screen. 

You see, back in the mid-90s, before moving from Kentucky to Chicago and exiting politics, I worked in the Office of Governor Paul Patton (KY).  Among our staff was a young lawyer named Jack Conway.  I haven’t seen Jack in a number of years; however, his political star is on the rise as he was recently elected as Kentucky’s Attorney General.  By the image above, the irony is not lost as you compare side-by-side pictures of the fictional Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight and the real world Attorney General Jack Conway.

Jack, if you happen to read this, congratulations on serving the Commonwealth and always know you will always be a better man for the people than Harvey Dent turned out to be in the Dark Knight.


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