Pondering Wisdom and Understanding in Life

Life is full of contradictions and irony.  How often do we get to a point where we feel we’ve found a good place only to be surprised by an unexpected “zig” when we believed there had been a “zag”?  Philosophers remind us that life is a continual learning process and that we shall all go to our graves which much left unlearned… but what is the best use of today?

My wife and I went to see The Dark Knight today and I couldn’t help but examine Heath Ledger’s performance and wonder what was going through his mind and his personal life as he delievered what I believe to be an Oscar-worthy portrayal of a very dark and disturbed personality.  From all accounts, I do believe he was a good person, but I also believe he was most likely haunted by the pressures of being “Heath Ledger” as his star continued to rise and he found himself pushed to the edge of fatique and burnout as he poured his life into his roles.  He is certainly a reminder that these fleeting moments of life are all too short. 

Life is short and how much of it are we willing to waste on waging the wars of past lifetimes and mistakes in life?  So much of life’s confusing demands sometimes just have to be let go.  As participants in the “American Dream” we all try to be super-human when we should simply be ourselves.  

I believe I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I think it is important to regularly ponder the question of what we would do differently if we learned our lives would end within one year so we that might not delay in living that life and making good on those things that matter the most.  Instead we often live our lives as though life itself will last forever.

In the end, there is something profoundly beautiful in once and for all letting go of a difficult and draining circumstance in life.  What would you like to do differently in your own life?  What would you let go?  What would you hang onto?  SM  


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