Where in the world was Stuart? Back in the world of Naperville after Cape Cod vacation

If you’ve dropped by the World of Naperville over the past week you have likely seen a series of “mystery photos”.  The reality is we were on vacation in Cape Cod, MA and despite my pledge to my wife to stay away from the computer I was able to post a couple of photos to share with you.  We arrived back in Naperville last evening after a terrific stay on the coast of Cape Cod Bay in North Truro just miles away from Provincetown. 

For a myriad of reasons, our week along the tip of the Cape was truly magical.  The photo I took above is just one of the many reasons why.  We went whale watching and were surrounded by a total of 36 humpback and finback whales… so many that even the boat staff remarked they hadn’t recorded that many whales in a single trip in years. 

Thanks to the scientific and educational mission of the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, we were able to get a very up close look at these beautifully enormous creatures who circled our boat.  I was in Hawaii in February and during a visit offshore saw a couple of humpback whales far off in the distance.  When comparing that experience to summer off the coast of Provincetown, I can’t imagine there is anywhere better in the world to observe these creatures.


I want to thank Mary Jo at the Crow’s Nest for her wonderful hospitality during our stay. 

There are numerous observations and perspectives I have to share about the rustic, artistic and nearly 100% uncommercial aspects of this area of Cape Cod which I believe are relevant to our own Naperville as we face future growth.  In the meantime, enjoy the images and start planning your Cape vacation today!  SM 


One response to “Where in the world was Stuart? Back in the world of Naperville after Cape Cod vacation

  1. Hi,

    I’m so glad you had a great time while visiting Cape Cod!

    Hope you come back again and tell all your friends.

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