Cross-Court Naperville Crew Journeys into Chicago to Witness the Cubs vs. White Sox Cross-Town Classic – Part 1

Part 1 of 2 – While visiting our former Naperville cul-de-sac a few weeks ago for an impromptu early season “schools out” block gathering, I was approached by one of our former neighbors who, for the purpose of this posting, we will refer to as “Pete”.  In the spirit of the evening, with the kids chasing each other madly around the circle in the night, Pete took pause between games of bags and began hatching a plan asking me if I’d be interested in joining an expedition into the city to see the Cubs play the White Sox at Wrigley if he could get his hands on some tickets.  It didn’t take the Rockstar energy drink which was coursing through my veins to enthusiastically reply “yes”.  

In addition to being a Cubs fan, Pete works in sales, brews his own kegs of beer and is no stranger to having a good social time.  He and our other neighbor, who will be referred to as “Tom”, have a proud tradition of tossing bags (a.k.a. cornhole, beanbag toss) on weekend evenings into the early hours of morning.  Tom is a proud hardworking truck driver and devoted family man who plays as hard as he works.  A gentle giant and  Southside Chicago native, it may come as no suprise that he is a White Sox fan. 

Pete delievered on those plans hashed out in Tom’s driveway weeks before as the phone rang on Monday night of last week with the news that he had scored four tickets to Saturday’s game.  Despite a busy travel season, rounds of family visitors over the past week and my wife’s own reservations over the simple fact that our lives have been too busy lately, I couldn’t say no to this opportunity.

The day was set and in addition to Tom, the final member of our expedition was also added… another former neighbor of ours, let’s call him “Kevin”.  Kevin is a sometimes quiet former restaurant manager with a wonderfully reserved sense of humor.  These days, he’s a real estate agent fighting hard to keep the local real estate market moving.  Kevin is also a regular member of the cul-de-sac all-staff bags team and also a Cubs fan.   

I will readily confess that I am the lightweight version of the Pete, Tom and Kevin and far less skilled in throwing bags, however, I have always enjoyed hanging out with them even though I’m typically the first one to call it a night.  In a way, the other three are legendary fixtures of our former neighborhood who together add the personality and flavor to the Court.

Suffice it to say, I knew from the first thought of this odyssey it would be an interesting roundtrip journey to witness this epic Chicago baseball rivlary.  So there we were, three Cubs fans and one White Sox fan, poised for what would prove to be a memorable day. 

To Be Continued… Stay tuned for Part 2… SM        



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