A Day in the Life of the World of Naperville

If it were up to me, I’d post an illustrative and thought-provoking piece each and every day here on the World of Naperville blog.  Yet, as so often happens in life, something inevitably happens on the way to that place.  Of the 31% of Napervillians who are blessed to be able to work in Naperville, I fall into the 69% who hit the road every morning.

When I say “hit the road”, I’m cruising down 75th Street to I-355 to I-290 to I-90 to Arlington Heights Road to Dempster starting at 5:30 AM each workday morning.  Upon rolling through the front doors of my office the daily race is on.  As an Executive Officer of a national association, I’m blessed to have a terrific team of people to work with which makes each day both rewarding and interesting.  Though I’m at work and far away from both my home community or coming anywhere near this blog, Naperville is constantly in my thoughts.  My walls are filled with a number of my favorite black-and-white Naperville photos. 

At the end of the day, I hit the road for yet another long journey home which always takes more time than in the morning.  I’d like to pause for a moment to personally thank the Illinois Department of Transportation for constantly keeping me on my toes with the endless construction zones, not to speak of all the interesting forms of concrete to look at… mangled concrete, chips of concrete, concrete barriers, concrete columns, concrete dust and trucks which produce concrete so the concrete can begin its life cycle all over again. 

Building upon commuting expertise, I would share one tip to anyone contemplating the car commuting life or merely trying to cope.  My advice is you may think there is a short cut, some quick way to dart down a back road away from the stagnant line of carbon monoxide producing human transport pods to move ahead of the mess only to emerge on an unobstructed straigh-away to your front door.  I’ve tried them all and I don’t believe there is any alternative route which saves any significant time because there is always a nice line idling cars waiting for you around the corner.

Another thought on traffic, I always find the endless traffic reports on the radio quite amusing.  First, not only has it taken me a long time to have any idea what it is the person is saying, I honestly think the person delivering the traffic report has no idea what they are saying.  Even more, I refer to as the radio traffic report simply and affectionately as “Coming Attractions”… because, again, you may know you are about to arrive into a mess, but alternative routes are futile.  Besides, I don’t really need a radio traffic report because all I have to do is point my eyes toward the skies in search of hovering traffic helicopters sitting in the sky feeding video documenting all the poor souls trapped down on the narrow asphault parking lot below full of idling vehicles.

Another tip to my fellow commuters, I implore you to arrive at the realization that if you’ve seen one person pulled over by a state trooper, you’ve seen them all.  It’s always the same flashing lights and the same slightly nauseated expression on the violator’s face.  Therefore, there is no need to slow down.

I finally arrive home and before having  a chance to take a deep breath, I enter the family home to make the rapid transition into daddy jungle gym.  My favorite part of the day is to see my boys faces even if they are clamouring to make up for the many lost hours I was away at work. 

Dinner comes up quickly, a small portion of my attention is focusing on what I’m consuming with the balance applied toward trying to hear more about my boy’s days while convincing them they do in fact like what is on their plate and that they have eaten it many times…  and to please sit down in your seat, feet under the table and that yes, the table is in fact not an oversized plate.  To parents around the world, the Shark sweepers are perhaps the greatest invention of modern time.

Dinner ends, dishes to the kitchen a few minutes to play with the boys or take in an impromptu jam session in the studio before it’s time for them to head upstairs and herd them through the bedtime ritual.  It’s papa bear and lambie for my little guy capped off with signature “tuckles” and then in to my seven year-old’s room for some final philosophical conversation before lights out. 

Alas, I drag myself downstairs for the final hours of the evening to attempt to conjure the energy to set free the motivation I have to engage in creative activities, such as writing blog postings.  Of course, that is balanced with some quality time with my wife. 

As you may have deduced from my “Portraits of Naperville” project as well as other creative pursuits, I’m not the type of person waiting for retirement to unlock my passions in life.  It makes for a long hard day to focus on all the things I love about life and I’m often sleep deprived, but I do as much as I can to cover as much ground as possible… which includes my devotion to Naperville and this blog.

Thus, should a few days pass between postings, please accept my apologies and keep checking back.

Well, it’s 10:30 PM again, Grey’s Anatomy has sufficiently captured the attention of my wife and it’s time to start heading toward bed… another day full of possibilities is on the way.  SM     



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