World of Naperville Reaches 25,000 visit mark

As we all begin to awaken from our winter hibernation and begin to reconnect with our neighbors and community with summer days on the way, I’d like to pause for a moment to commemorate a milestone for the World of Naperville blog in reaching the 25,000 visit mark.

Much has happened over the past year within our community and I am in hopes with the renewal of summer on the way that we can begin to heal some of the ugly wounds Naperville has endured over a long cold and snowy winter. Between new high schools, divisive City Council feuds and a battered housing market, I’m starting to feel our community is a bit like the stretch of Aurora Ave. between Eagle Street and River Road… full of potholes. We are bigger than these isolated problems.

As I usher in the 25,000 visit, I look around our community and see that it is time to come back together with the excitement, passion and enthusiasm we have for our hometown.

We have a stretch of our beloved Riverwalk being enhanced, the Naper Main Town Center addition to downtown is underway, new restaurants are opening, the Water Street project is on the way, Centennial Beach will soon reopen with new amenities, the Carillon will be ready for visitors once again so lets all wake up and get out there to reconnect with neighbors and embrace our community. It’s time to once again show the world why Naperville is one of the best places to live in the country.

By the way, stay tuned for more information and mark your calendars for Saturday, June 28th as Art and Frame of Naperville and I will be presenting an evening of downtown Naperville photography with a portion of proceeds going to local Naperville causes. More information to follow.SM.


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