Response to District 204 Boundary Decision Shows that All Politics are Truly Local

If you’ve read my profile, you will notice that my early career days were spent in the realm of politics.  I worked within the administration of a governor who boldly pursued a number of controversial special sessions within his first two years in office.  During that time, I quickly learned the meaning of the age-old expression… “All politics are local”.

In essence, how someone truly feels about any particular issue typically hinges on where she/he stands as opposed to what is for the “good-of-the-order” of the whole.  When you boil down the concerns and frustrations we all heard over the past couple of week’s regarding Naperville’s IPSD 204 proposed school boundaries, the reality is the true problems were somewhat scattered. 

As the District 204 school board surmised, there were countless subjectively “perfect” solutions advanced but in the end no possibility of a perfect decision.  However, I believe the School Board, in good faith, did the next best thing in upholding their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of District 204.  They sliced the district from a number of key vantage points focusing on important considerations and came up with a set of boundaries that mitigated the inevitable pain as much as possible. 

My heart does go out to the families and children within the District who are facing some degree of discomforting displacement.  At the same time, I commend the District 204 School Board for having the courage and conviction to expedite the process and achieving final passage.

As a community, now is the time for us to all come back together and as residents, parents and students to work toward making our schools the highest quality schools possible and move past the socially-charged politics of division.

As a quick footnote, if you’ve been wondering how our home search is going, we’ve narrowed down to two houses… one which is within Nequa boundaries… one which is within Waubonsie boundaries… and selling a house which is now in Metea boundaries.  At the end of the day, we will be proud to have our boys attend any one of what will become three solid high schools.  SM


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