District 204 Announces Boundaries for New Metea Valley High School

Well, today is the big day and the recommendation has finally arrived regarding the new boundaries for Metea Valley High School.  The land site for Metea Valley is in the Northwestern corner of the school district and a quick look at any map reveals even in advance that the new boundaries promise to raise plenty of discussion.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, I hope that we can all focus our collective energies as residents, parents and taxpayers on ensuring that all three district 204 high schools are the highest possible quality. 

As is the case in business, competition is good as it provides a benchmark for comparison.  In the case of District 204 high schools, I am in hopes that we not only get a new high school but also a focused comparison that reveals what it will take to ensure all three high schools are on an equal playing field. 

Even more, I am also hopeful that the ultimate boundary decisions will be embraced and will pump new energy into our schools, especially Waubonsie Valley.  I believe all three high schools will ultimately benefit greatly. 

To review the full recommendation, visit the following link:  http://www.ipsd.org/Uploads/news_17587_1.pdfSM


One response to “District 204 Announces Boundaries for New Metea Valley High School

  1. Hey Stuart,

    I agree with your assessment that any map will result in ‘discussion.’ I myself am curious as to what the outcome will be. While I don’t have children (yet… none in the near future either), one of the reasons we chose Naperville to move to was both school districts (203 and 204) were amongst the top choices available and we are every bit interested in the outcome. I too hope our efforts can be focused on providing the sound infrastructure required for elevating the district even further, providing our students with a top notch education, and as many opportunities as possible. There are far worse issues we as a district could be dealing with than how to redraw the new boundary lines for a much needed school.

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