Wading into the Current Naperville Housing Market PLUS a Realtor Recommendation

As we approach the five year itch in our first Naperville home, my wife and I decided to head out the other evening to take a look at some of the offerings presently available in the local housing market.  We do love our present location but we need just a little bit more space as my wife continues to build her business and the the boys continue their rapid growth and expansion. 

The one thing I can say about how the national housing downturn feels in Naperville is a bit sad.  We looked at six houses in our price range on Monday evening and it’s as if you can feel the stress energy lingering within the houses.  We’ve now read our share of MLS descriptions and the comment sections seem to indicate the desire for “quick exits”.  Prices in many areas of Naperville are creating a buyer’s market as the big spring inventory approaches.  Fortunately, it appears our subdivision has been selling fairly strong and while we weren’t expecting to make the move to a new home this year, the present conditions seem somewhat ideal to at least take a look. 

Nonetheless, the present economic crisis is teaching us all that we must live comfortably within our means and try to avoid overextending our financial position on our homes.  I recall distinctly when we were going through the mortgage process on our first home and how our broker seemed perplexed as to why we weren’t interested in borrowing the maximum amount for which we qualified. 

The reality is I know there will always be someone out there who has a bigger and more elaborate house than we do and the question we have asked ourselves is what will be most comfortable for us, our finances and our lifestyle. 

At the end of the day, the size of the house does not determine the depth of you or your family’s character and we are happiest in life when we are living by our own expectations and within our own means.  In end, life in America is a pursuit of self-defined happiness, not a futile pursuit of those elusive yet ever-present Jones’s. 

By the way, we want to thank Katie Navratil of Ryan Hill Realty for all of her help as we “test the waters”.  She’s very knowledgeable and is really working hard for us on both ends.  We’ve known Katie for a couple of years now and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is either looking to buy or sell in this present market.  You can reach Katie at  knavratil@ryanhillrealty.com .

Live well!  SM     


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