Dinining in Naperville – Local Restaurant Recommendations from World of Naperville Readers

As another Friday in Naperville begins to wind down, I once again find myself sitting here in awe over the amount of hits I received today regarding the topic of “dining in naperville”. 

A couple of days ago, I extended an invitation to World of Naperville readers to tell us all about their own Naperville restaurant recommendations.  I was pleased that some of the responses offered their candid thoughts.  Here are some of our reader comments in which I’ve added addresses and phone numbers for your reference:

Angeli’s Italian Ristorante (1482 East Chicago Avenue, 630-420-1370)

After living in Naperville for over 20 years and going to probably every restaurant in town, I’m going to vote for Angeli’s (1482 E. Chicago Avenue, on the corner of Naper and Chicago). I went there for the first time last week, an afterthought to yoga with the BF, and it was surprisingly awesome. The wine was great, the food was AMAZING, the atmosphere comfortable, and the service was amongst the best I’ve ever had! If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path, intimate, friendly, delicious restaurant, I definitely recommend Angeli’s!”  

posted by Katie

Fontano’s (1767 West Ogden Avenue, 630-717-7821)

“I love the little Italian restaurant hidden behind Fontano’s sub shop on Ogden (. It is a white table restaurant with fantastic authentic food.  The menu offers loads of choices from traditional Italian entrees to a selection of ‘design your own’ pasta dishes. I’ve eaten here many times and taken a bunch of different people and never had a bad dish yet. The pasta is fresh — yummy gnocchi and flavorful orzo. My Chicken Marsala was to die for — perfect balance of wine and ’shrooms in the sauce. The coconut cake is perhaps the best dessert I have ever tasted — share a slice with a friend and enter a total food coma.”

– posted by Nancy

Joy Yee’s Noodles (1163 East Ogden Avenue, 630-579-6800)

“Currently, my favorite Asian restaurant in N-ville is Joy Yee’s Noodles. Some very interesting dishes that mix different Asian cuisines. Plus they have “bubble tea.” If you’ve never had bubble tea, it’s basically a milky, sweet flavored drink, with little jello-like balls of varying flavors. It comes with a huge straw big enough to suck the “bubbles” through. It’s a very interesting experience all around.  I’m anxious to see what everyone else says. I’m tired of visiting the same 5 restaurants, and I’m in the mood for something new.”   

– posted by Joe

Ted’s Montana Grill (39 West Jefferson Avenue, 630-848-2250

“In response to ur question on my favorite place to eat i would have to say Ted’s on Jefferson Ave. They have the best burgers, and they are ego friendly!”

– submitted by Mike

.     .      .      .

Do you agree, disagree or have a favorite Naperville restaurant of your own?  Click on the “comment” link below and participate in the discussion.  You can also email me your thoughts at worldofnaperville@yahoo.com .  Dine hard Naperville!  SM


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