What Are You Grateful For In This Holiday Season?

It’s been a couple of day since my last posting and I’m sitting here this evening with the holiday village glowing brightly with 93.9 the Holiday Lite on the radio staring outside at the deep freeze.  I must confess that I had written a lengthy posting over the weekend, but decided at the last minute to not publish. 

Anyway, with all the dramatic controversy which has been brewing lately within the inner sanctum of Naperville, I thought I would focus this posting on the volume of gratitude that we still have for our cherished community here in this 2007 holiday season.

I look forward to hearing what you are grateful for here in this holiday season in the comment section below.

To get the ball rolling, I have to say that I am grateful for the surplus of blessings my family and I have received in life, health and community.  2007 has been a fascinating year as I’ve met so many amazing people within and outside our community.  I very much look forward to an even brighter 2008, which I predict will usher in a new era for the arts in Naperville.  The World of Naperville has reached the 15,000 visit mark and continues to attract quite a bit of interest.

Finally, I’m most thankful to all of you who have read and participated here in the World of Naperville.  Through my travels around the country this year and many conversations I’ve had with people from all over, I’m now convinced that while Kevin Bacon needs six degrees of seperation to connect to the world, Naperville only needs three. 

Now its your turn, please submt your own thoughts by clicking “comments” below.  SM  


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