Holiday Illumination and Spirit Takes Hold In Downtown Naperville

I received an excited email from Downtown Naperville Alliance Executive Director Patti Roberts yesterday asking if I had taken in the hometown holidays festivities over the weekend.  Unfortunately, it was our turn to head to my wife’s family in Maryland for the long Thanksgiving holiday.  Though I will confess that while I have been listening to holiday music since the day after Halloween, I always seem to miss the thousands of twinkling lights as the come alive for the first time the weekend after Thanksgiving each year.  The good news is the family Thanksgiving celebration returns to Naperville in 2008.   

Before I go any further, I strongly encourage everyone who reads this post to make plans to spend a day, an evening or multiple days and evenings in Downtown Naperville during the holidays as I can’t think of a better place to experience the spirit of the season come alive, not to mention the many wonderful amenties and festive activities taking place.  And, yes, we are going to make another run at Santa’s house within the next couple of weeks.  I believe Santa drops by his Naperville home along Jackson Ave. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the season.  If you get there at opening time, you will see the Park District police drop off the jolly old fellow.  

Tonight as I was driving home from work, I headed through downtown off of Washington down a darkened Franklin Avenue.  As I turned the corner on Main Street, it’s almost as like a scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation as the blackened evening skies come alive with the dense glow of the holiday lights which line just about every tree in the immediate downtown area.  I, of course, had 93.9 the holiday Lite on the radio.

Another family tradition is to drive all over town as the big day approaches in search of what we simply refer to as “jackpots”.  In Meyer family lingo, a “jackpot” is any house that is dwarfed by the overwhelming size, density and variety of holiday lights and decorations filling the front yard and facade.  Another reason we call them “jackpots” is also to characterize what their electrical meters look like as they spin wildly like a slot machine.  Nonetheless, to all Napervillians out there who provide jackpots for the rest of us to view in awe from the warm comfort of our slow moving vehicles, we thank you. 

My first “jackpot” spotting of the season is on Oswego Road a little bit west of River Road.  Get ready everyone! 


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