Demolition Begins to Clear the Way for New Naper Main Development in Downtown Naperville

As you may recall, back in July I wrote a posting about the exicting new Naper Main project which included architectural illustrations published in the Naperville Glancer magazine (An Exciting Vision of the Future as The Naperville Glancer Gives Us Exclusive First Glimpse of New Van Buren and Main Development Planned for Downtown Naperville). 

Driving home on Friday afternoon, I decided to head through dowtown along Main Street to see if there were any signs of the project getting underway.  To my suprise, the two houses which had sat along the east side of Main Street between Benton and Van Buren had comletely disappeared.  As for the brick rectangular building which I believe was once a medical office building, members of the demolition crew could be seen taking a break and throwing rocks through the windows.  By Saturday afternoon, that building had been taken to the ground as well. 

Though it’s always rather shocking to see how quickly familiar houses and buildings can disappear, the ultimate architectural end product of Naper Main will be yet another proud day for Naperville.  SM


2 responses to “Demolition Begins to Clear the Way for New Naper Main Development in Downtown Naperville

  1. Do you ever miss old downtown Naperville when it had a grocery store, old building and houses that were actually old and not just made to look old?

  2. Hi OneMan, Thanks for your comment and participation in the World of Naperville. I agree that it is sad to see buildings disappear, but at the same time we can be proud that so much historic architectural preservation takes place in Naperville. It is the existing and protected architectural authenticity which seperates Naperville from so many other suburban downtowns. Keep those comments coming. SM

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