Councilman Kenn Miller Responds to Recent Post Regarding Naperville Leadership

In a recent posting, entitled Essential Leadership Philosophy for Naperville’s Future, I made a point regarding the fact that Naperville has an at-large City Council structure in which I said “…an at-large City Council creates an environment for political insularity.”  I was not suggesting our present City Council is overly concentrated in one geographic area, rather my point was the at-large nature of the Council, meaning there are no geographic boundaries, creates the possibility for geographic insularity. 

Councilman Kenn Miller was kind enough to drop me a note in which he provided a geographic breakdown of the present City Council to show the present level of geographic representation:

Boyajian- North of 75th near Hobson

Fieseler- off Modaff south of 75th

Furstenau- Cress Creek, north Naperville

Krause- off Modaff south of 75th

Miller- southwest Naperville

Pradel- 5th Ave north of downtown

Rosanova- southwest Naperville

Senger- south of Police Dept off Oswego

Wehrli- Maplebrook jus north of 75th


I appreciate Councilman Miller’s response and willingness to provide additional information to supplement my previous posting.  SM


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