My Vote for Best Sushi in Naperville – Kiku

Last week I had the rare opportunity to have the house all to myself for the first time since my youngest son was born.  Though I had to return to work after two weeks in Disney, the boys stayed behind for a third week.  Needless to say, the moment I arrived home from the airport I stood there in the foyer looking around and contemplating the burning question only the father of young children can ask in this rarest of moments… “what do I do now???”.

I didn’t take long to remember that I could go anywhere I wanted, stay as long as I wanted and, most importantly, choose where to take in dinner while basking in the temporary tranquility of my retro pseudo-bachelor life.  For me, there is only type of food that I cannot force my children or wife to go near…. sushi. 

While there are plenty of good spots for sushi in Naperville, my personal favorite is Kiku over on Aurora Avenue deceptively tucked away in the Menards shopping center.  Regardless of your preference, one item you must order is the aptly named Dynamite Rolls which consist of a combination of lobster tempura and crab in an amazing sauce.  Also be sure to try the Kiku Rainbow roll which puts a great spin on the traditional rainbow roll.  Another regular selection for me isthe spicy tuna rolls which are rich and delicious. 

Over my rare week of freedom, I dropped by Kiku not once, but twice to grab some of my favorite sushi.  It certainly did not disappoint in terms of food.  The restaurant itself, which combines hibachi grills and a sushi bar, is in the process of expanding into the space next door as well.  Having had the unfortunate experience to eat at the tired hibatchi chain, Benihanas, while in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago, the chefs at Kiku can perform circles around the chain chefs.  True talent indeed.  The best part about carry-out is I can sit their and enjoy the performance without running the risk of having my eyebrows grazed by the theatrical flames leaping from the grill.  

My only complaint about Kiku is I find the hospitality to be consistenly lacking.  A friendly suggestion to the management, if someone is sitting alone at the bar waiting for take-out long before the dinner crowd hits and you walk by five times looking as though you are trying to find something to do, go ahead and stop for a moment to say hello.  Patrons like it when you acknowledge their presence with a little special treatment.  Other than that, keep up the good workSM

Kiku Japanese Steakhouse,, 2764 Aurora Avenue, Naperville – 630-305-3355


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