Where Did the World of Naperville Go?

A Daunting Tale of Two Weeks Without Internet Access

First of all, an open message to Naperville that it is good to be home after being out of town for almost three weeks.  With my wife managing a special project down at EPCOT in Walt Disney World for an extended duration, I’ve spent the last two weeks with the boys at my second favorite place in the world (second only to Naperville of course).  I will have much more to write about our experiences in the near future.

Though the boys and I had a terrific time, the most harrowing aspect of our visit was the fact our condo had no internet access and given my parental duties and my wife’s schedule, there was not a single chance to get out to grab a wi-fi connection at a Starbucks or elsewhere.  Thus, as you may have noticed, the World of Naperville has been in radio silence.  I can’t remember the last time I was offline for this amount of time. 

The good news is I’m back and have allot to talk about in the coming week.  Stay tuned!




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