World of Naperville Achieves 10,000 Visit Mark

I am pleased to announce that as of today, the World of Naperville has humbly reached the 10,000 visit mark and continues to grow at a strong pace. 

To the residents, countless Google searchers and the curious, I would like to extend my personal thanks for the opportunity to share with you a deeper insight into the community that I and so many others are extremely proud to call home. 

As a result of reaching this milestone, I’ve been reflecting recently upon my initial inspiration for starting the World of Naperville blog.  Though I’ve pursued a number of community involvement opportunities, including participation in the Naperville Citizen Academy and other excellent causes, I’ve unfortunately been quite limited in my activities mainly because I commute to Des Plaines each day for work.  The reality of commuting a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes a day is a lack of availability to attend community meetings which take place at all hours of the day.  Regretably, I’ve been forced to turn down many meeting invitations. 

Nonetheless, given my strong desire to participate in some form of community leadership role, I decided to take advantage of the emerging world of online social media to launch this blog as a way to make a contribution to our community in the form of promotion and insight.  The results-to-date have not only yielded an opportunity to contribute but also has fostered many connections/conversations with community leaders, residents and non-residents alike. 

Steadily, average daily and weekly hits continue to grow and the 10,000 visit mark is a mere starting point for the momentum which the World of Naperville is experiencing.  With your support and interest, we’ll be reaching the 100,000 visit mark in no time at all.

As always, I invite you share your comments and own unique perspectives pertaining to Naperville.  Thanks again!  SM 




2 responses to “World of Naperville Achieves 10,000 Visit Mark

  1. Good Job, there are lots of good articles here about Naperville. What are the most popular keywords or back links driving the most traffic to the World Of Naperville? That would be interesting to learn.

    • Hi Anne. Thanks so much for your compliment regarding the posts here at the World of Naperville. Always remember, SEO optimization and link building is about relationship building…

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