Why Fall in Naperville is So Special

As I’ve grown older, Fall has become my official favorite season of the year.  While the weather in Kentucky is at is best during the springtime, Illinois is at its peak during the Fall.  The crisp weather today really has me reflecting upon the season ahead.

With young children and a soft place in my heart for college football, Naperville is a great place to be during the Fall.  One might look no further than this upcoming weekend when the Riverwalk Fine Art Fair and the Naperville Wine Festival will take place in downtown and up at Naper Settlement.

The North Central College football team will also be taking the field at home this weekend, which I’m in hopes my oldest son and I might be able to catch.  My earliest memories of childhood are rooted in the many trips to see the University of Kentucky football play.  My parents were season ticket holders and die hard tailgaters my entire life.  Though I don’t get down to Lexington that often anymore, a North Central game would fill the void.  Having played high school ball, at some point I’d also like to take in some of the local high school football action.  Which team does one choose when the high school our boys will be attending has yet to break ground?     

In our household, nothing says Fall like apple picking and we have made the pilgrimage for the past three years straight.  Last year we went up to a place near Huntley which had wonderful orchards as well as fresh apple doughnuts to enjoy.

Of course, our thoughts will quickly be turning toward Halloween very soon.  While the spooktacular holiday has died out in many areas of the country, it’s very safe to say Halloween and trick-or-treating is alive and well in Naperville.  There’s the Naper Settlement party as well as trick-or-treating at Safety Town in addition to the big night itself.  I can hear my little goblin’s teeth decaying already.

With November comes the biggest holiday on my wife’s side of the family… Thanksgiving.  While we’ve managed to host the out-of-towners for the past two years in a row, we must return this year to the family rotation which will take us to the D.C. area.  I’ll need to launch another clever Naperville PR campaign to regain the big celebration soon.

After Thanksgiving, the Christmas season goes into full swing and I can’t say enough wonderful things about downtown Naperville, the holiday lights, Santa’s house and plenty of fun activities.  

Nonetheless, you won’t find me wishing it all away at once as I can’t bear the thought of the frozen winter months of January and February.  Here are some useful links for Naperville Fall Planning:

http://www.napervilleparks.org/ (Fall Napervill Parks District Activities)

http://www.napervilleartleague.com/riverwalkfair.htm (Riverwalk Fine Art Fair)

http://www.napervillewinefestival.com/ (Naperville Wine Festival)

http://www.noctrl.edu/x31979.xml (North Central College Football)

http://www.applejournal.com/il01.htm (Illinois Apple Orchards)

I invite you to share your own Fall traditions by posting a comment below.     


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