Naperville-Based Lima Lima Flight Team Shines During 2007 Chicago Air & Water Show

Each year, as my work travel schedule permits, I always head down to North Avenue Beach on the Friday before the annual Chicago Air & Water Show to beat the crowds and watch the practice-phase of the full program.  To anyone who hates crowds, I strongly recommend taking advantage of the Friday practice as you will see the entire show, and more, at a small margin of the crowd.

This year, I felt somewhat guilty having enjoyed such ideal weather conditions and clear skies during the Friday session given the poor weather on Saturday and Sunday.  

Of the many breathtaking aircraft and flight teams on display, it will come as no surprise to my readers that I always look forward to the Lima Lima flight team, which is based out of Aero Estates here in Naperville.  To those of us who live near Aero Estates, the shiny yellow color of the Lima Lima T-34s are quite familiar to the skies over Naperville.  It’s thrilling to have such a skilled flight team based out of our community.  I’ve posted a video clip from their Friday performance to share with the world the grace and precision of the Lima Lima flight team.

Below is a list of the current roster of members of the Lima Lima Flight Team:

Bill “Fingers” Cherwin (Naperville, IL)

Ed “Outlaw” Hicks (St. Charles, IL)

John “Ripper” Rippenger (Schaumburg, IL)

Jim “Bullet” Martin (Naperville, IL)

Stan “The Man” Robinson (Glen Ellyn, IL)

Gary “20 Won Don” Donovan (Lake City, FL)

Skip “Scooter” Aldous (Lake City, FL)

Lou “Cool” Drendel (Venice, FL)

Brian “Digger” McCann (Downers Grove, IL)

Scott “Painless” Sayre (Cincinnati, OH… love that Skyline Chili)

Rick “Knuckles” Nichols (Daytona Beach, FL)

Tim “Squeaks” Cherwin (Naperville, IL)

David “Dolly Bondo” Bond (Chicago, IL)

If you would like to learn more about the Lima Lima flight team, visit their website at .  To the members of the Lima Lima Flight Team who may happen to read this posting, the publisher of the World of Naperville would never turn down the opportunity, if offered, to fly in a T34 and document via video for the World of Naperville and larger world to see.  Keep up the great work!  SM



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