NOW SHOWING – NCTV 17 Segment about the World of Naperville

A couple of weeks ago, I welcomed NCTV 17 viewers to the World of Naperville blog after the airing of a special segment featuring the World of Naperville.  Thanks to NCTV resident “jack-of-all-trades” Jeff Chow, I was able to acquire a copy of the segment which you will find posted below. 

I want to give special thanks to Halie Wenhold, who not only came up with the idea of featuring the World of Naperville but also produced the piece.  I also want to thank Associate Producer Lindsey Theis for her involvement. 

Through this segment, I hope you will be able to get to know a little more about me, my inspiration for the World of Naperville blog and my passion for our community.  Additionally, I also want to be able to promote the excellent work of NCTV 17 staff, interns and volunteers who work under the direction of Liz Spencer. 

To learn more about NCTV 17 or tune into it’s live stream, visit .


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