An Exciting Vision of the Future as The Naperville Glancer Gives Us Exclusive First Glimpse of New Van Buren and Main Development Planned for Downtown Naperville


Yesterday, I received the August 2007 issue of The Naperville Glancer in the mail and noticed on the cover what appeared to be a photograph of an attractive downtown Naperville building which I had never seen before.  I curiously rifled through the pages toward the feature article and discovered a stunningly realistic architectural illustration of the proposed new development planned for the corner of Van Buren and Main Street in downtown Naperville.  After I retracted my dropped jaw, the excitement set in as I began to think of how this development will create an exicting new European-influenced layer to the Naperville experience (perhaps a nice French brasserie with indoor and outdoor seating?).

First, I cannot extend enough thanks to The Naperville Glancer for not only providing us this exclusive first look but also for being a terrific community magazine for Naperville.  I’ve been reading the Naperville Glancer ever since arriving in town (when it used to be named  Everything Naperville) and it is a monthly must read for all Napervillians.  To learn more about The Naperville Glancer, visit their website at .  To subscribe, visit the following link:

Second, make a point to get your hands on this copy of the Glancer as the second generation image I posted above does not come close to the architectural illustration published in this month’s Glancer Exclusive. 

The first thing you will notice is the classic European influence in the mixed-use buildings which presents what appears to be six distinct architectural styles in the overall development.  In my mind, this design will raise development in downtown to a new level and be something which Napervillian’s will take great pride.  As for visitors, the unique and aesthetically pleasing elements of the new architecture will be both memorable and buzzworthy. 

The development, itself, is a public-private venture with Naper Main LLC, which the World of Naperville first discussed in a posting back in May entitled “Naper Main LLC Gets Green Light on the New Downtown Naperville Development Project”.

In a recent Naperville Sun article, the term “rave reviews” was used to describe the reaction of the Naperville City Council with one Councilman saying this would be a model for future development in Naperville.  Though there have been some concerns, I think it is safe say the development will likely be approved by the City Council very soon.

For the rest of the details, I would again encourage you to pick up a copy of the new August issue of The Naperville Glancer to get both the exclusive first look at the new development.


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