Naperville Women’s Club 48th Annual Naperville Fine Art Fair Provides Opportunity to Expand our Art Collection


Village of Zhou Zhuang by artist Tan Jie 

One guarantee is every time my wife and I go to an art fair or festival we typically head home with a new acquisition in hand.  We love to support local artists and one cannot help but admire their passion.  This year’s 48th Annual Naperville Art Fair was no exception.  After a couple of rounds around the grounds of Naper Settlement, we returned to Grayslake artist Tan Jie’s ( booth to secure a silk embroidered picture that had caught my wifes eye (pictured above). 

In college, my wife’s early major was Chineese and after visiting China years ago, her heart is still drawn to the memories of her experience.

According to our conversation with the artist, the setting for the piece itself is a village named Zhou Zhuang in China.  The intracacy of her silk embroidery yields stunning realism in the vivid imagery that emerges before your eyes.  In my photo of the piece, note the reflection in the water and then remember it is silk thread.  I also admire the subtle perspective that is created as your eyes wander underneath the bridge and on upstream.  The photo is not black and white, but the actual color of the piece. 

For those who may not know, the Naperville Art Fair is the longest running art fair in Naperville history.  The Fair is presented by the Naperville Women’s Club and takes place each year at Naper Settlement.  For more information, visit their website at  I read in the Naperville Sun today that they raised $8,000 for charity this year. 

If you missed the Naperville Art Fair, be sure to mark your calender for the Riverwalk Fine Art Fair, September 15-16, 2007.  The Riverwalk Fine Art Fair is presented by the Naperville Art League and more information can be found at .  By the way, while I love the piece she picked, my wife has assured me that it is my turn to pick out a piece.  Doing so will be easy as she will be out of town.  See you there!



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