West Suburban Living Magazine Ranks Naperville as the Top Town in Which to Live in the Western Suburbs for 2007


Let’s face it, the western suburbs are full of wonderful towns of all shapes and sizes.  In the July/August 2007 issue of West Suburban Living magazine, Naperville was bestowed the honor of best town in which to live in the western suburbs.  While Napeville has enjoyed national honors as a best place to live, it’s all the sweeter to maintain high honors when going head-to-head with notable places such as Oak Park, Hinsdale and Geneva to name a few. 

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 towns:  

Top 10 Western Suburban Towns Overall

1.  Naperville

2.  Hinsdale

3.  Elmhurst

4.  Oak Brook

5.  Oak Park

6.  Clarendon Hills

7.  Western Springs

8.  LaGrange

9.  River Forest

10. St. Charles

Naperville also took the top spot for “Best Downtown”  and “Best Library” and second place for “Education/Schools” just behind River Forest. 

For those who may not be aware of the history, Naperville was once the county seat of DuPage County back in the mid-1800s until one dark night when a group from Wheaton raided the courthouse, stole the court documents and returned to Wheaton declaring their town the county seat.  An agry mob of Napervillians gathered together at the Pre-Emption House to organize a less-than-diplomatic visit to Wheaton.  However according to a historical article by Genevieve Towsley featured in A View of Historic Naperville from the Sky-Lines (1975), before they could set out for a visit with our neighbor to the north, Lewis Ellsworth, president of the village, and James Hunt, DuPage county sheriff, managed to diffuse the situation by pretending to be sympathetic in mingling with the crowd and ordering plenty of drinks until the angry mob was too drunk to do act upon their plot.  It seems all the more ironic today that Naperville enjoys such popularity over its once fierce rival.  For those keeping score at home, Wheaton placed 13th in best towns overall.  

To read more about the rankings, check out the July/August issue of West Suburban Living magazine.  To learn more or to subscribe to this wonderful regional suburban publication which clearly has exceptional taste regarding best places to live, visit the West Suburban Living website at:  http://westsuburbanliving.net/ .  For the record, in case you were curious, the publication is based in Elmhurst.


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