In Praise of Naperville Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mike Skarr on the Announcement of his Plans to Retire at the End of 2007

Since moving to Naperville over four years ago, I’ve learned that few names have been as synonomous with the success of Naperville’s strong business community as that of Naperville Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mike Skarr. 

Though I’ve yet to have the pleasure to meet Mike personally, I can say that my observation of his work from the standpoint of the Chamber’s programs, activities, accolades, media coverage and demonstrated political saavy, it’s clear that Skarr has served as an advocate for the Naperville we love and enjoy in every sense of the word.

Within the past fifteen minutes, I received a Google alert with news coverage of the announcement from the Naperville Chamber regarding Mike Skarr’s plans to step down from his post by the end of 2007 after eleven successful years at the helm.  According to the press release on the Chamber’s website, given the new long-term vision and strategy relating to the new Chamber 2020 strategic plan, Skarr felt a “new voice of leadership would make sense.”

He also noted that he had many dreams and only one lifetime to pursue them.  I think anyone can take the message from this statement that dreams truly don’t have deadlines regardless of the stage of life or the stage you happen to be standing upon.

The World of Naperville would like to thank Mike Skarr for the decade of service, vision and leadership he has provided the community of Naperville.  Also, we wish him the best of luck in the puruit of his many life dreams. 

If you would like to read the press release, click below:


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