Welcome NCTV 17 Viewers to the World of Naperville

I want to extend a special welcome to anyone discovering the World of Naperville blog for the first time as a result of seeing today’s NCTV 17 segment on the World of Naperville.  As you may have a detected, like yourself and many others I have a deep passion for our community and decided to create this outlet to discuss all things Naperville.

Originally, my friends and family thought I needed such an outlet so I would quit talking so much about all the wonderful things going on in Naperville; however, since launching my blog they can now enjoy my thoughts in both written and verbal form.

I invite you to take a look around, perhaps read the About Stuart Meyer posting on the right-had side of the screen to learn a little more about how I arrived in Naperville as well as my own background and the roots of my passion.  Additionally, you will see that I organize each posting into a series of categories which can be accessed below:

  • Naperville ArtsVision (13)
  • Naperville Businesses (2)
  • Naperville Development (2)
  • Naperville Photography (4)
  • Naperville Politics (1)
  • Naperville Restaurants (9)
  • Naperville Unwrapped (9)
  • Random Thoughts (5)
  • The Impact and Potential of the Arts in Naperville (4)
  • The Riverwalk (2)
  • Finally, I welcome you to provide your own comments via the blog or feel free to contact me directly with you thoughts and ideas at worldofnaperville@yahoo.com .

    Best Regards and Welcome!


    3 responses to “Welcome NCTV 17 Viewers to the World of Naperville

    1. I am a relative newcomer to Naperville, and I so much welcome this site!! I would like to join a Naperville book club, but I am having trouble figuring this one out. So far I have only found book clubs for certain subdivisions (not mine), and the on-line one for NPL. I am a teacher, so I cannot meet during daytimes. Any ideas????

    2. I’m not really good at computer web sites. Sorry

    3. Mary – I would suggest paying a visit to Nichols Library downtown or the branch on 95th street and asking staff at the reference desk as I’m sure they would have some ideas. They are always super friendly and helpful. As you might be aware, Naperville library’s have been voted best library in the country for population range for the past seven years in a row.

      I’ll also offer this question up to any readers who might have additional suggestions as well.

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