NCTV 17 Film Crew Rocks

Today I had the distinct pleasure to work with a crew from NCTV to film a quick interview regarding the World of Naperville BLOG. When most people think community access television, they think Wayne’s World from our neighbors to the west or really strange and uninteresting footage. We are very fortunate in Naperville to have a high quality community television station staffed by dedicated professionals who clearly have a great deal of passion for their craft. The production value and original programming are just two examples of what makes NCTV great. From what I gathered from our hard-working crew, much can be attributed to the vision of NCTV Executive Director Liz Spencer.

In a previous posting regarding the launch of NCTV online streaming a couple of months ago (see NCTV Finally Streams into this Naperville Home), I spoke of the heartbreak when we were forced to go with satellite TV over cable upon moving to Naperville.  The weekly NCTV programming schedules would taunt me as I could see there was plenty of interesting programming.  Despite the irony, I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk about the World of Naperville on NCTV and I was truly impressed with the energy and professionalism of their staff and intern.

Once the segment airs, I will be posting a copy of the segment to the World of Naperville very soon.  If you would like to tune into NCTV this Friday (7/6) during the news you will see the segment.  In the meantime, my thanks to Halie, Lindsey and Jeff for their interest and coverage of the World of Naperville.

In the meantime, I’m pleased to plug an upcoming event at NCTV 17 studios this coming Tuesday (7/10) when they will preview their latest Naperville documentary film, entitled “A Role of Their Own”.  For more information visit the following link:

To tune into NCTV 17 for program streaming, visit


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